Hello beautiful ladies! Looking for a changeover for your hair? Update your hair color with new hair color trends for women.

Planning for a hair color change but couldn’t do it because you don’t know which hair color trends is for women. Hair color is a most easily observable change over. Try going with hair color trends for women that last longer than usual when you don’t change your hair color too often.

Coloring your hair may damage and cause hair fall. Here are some hair care tips you should follow.


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Here are some hair color trends for women in India. Go and look gorgeous with new hair color trends.

  1. Darker Roots:

Want to look bold and have a low maintenance for your new look? Do you have a naturally dark hair color, then go for this hair color trends for women. Color the lower lengths and leave the top one or two-inch to get the best out of hair color trends for women.

Darker Roots – Click to Enlarge

If you have light hair, darken it from the roots and color your hair from the lower length with your choice of hair color and leave the rest as such. If you want to use two shades of the same color. Use the darker one on the roots and the lighten one on the lower length of your hair.

  1. Tiger Eye Balayage:

Out of all the hair color trends for women this one is already a flaunting one on red carpet. If you like blonde hair color then this is perfect for you. Brownish blonde highlights with caramel hues will never go out of the trend.

Tiger Eye Balayage – Click to Enlarge

There are many tiger eye hair color trends for women you can work on. Bronze and caramel tones can be used either in darker or lighter shades.

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  1. Mahogany with Highlights:

Mahogany is a perfect rich blend of red and purple which has a base of violet in it. This hair color trend for women can suit anyone with light or dark complexion. This hair color trends for women looks more beautiful with highlights.

Mahogany with Highlights – Click to Enlarge

You can try either pure Mahogany or Mahogany with light streaks on your hair. It will help you to have a sassy look.

  1. Mocha-Latte:

You must have heard of mocha latte coffee. Yes! The color of hot chocolate can be your hair color too. If you want your hair to look like a hot chocolate color, this is the prefect hair color trends for women to opt for.

Mocha Latte – Click to Enlarge

You can go natural with graceful highlights of light cream color with brown and blonde shades.

There are different shades of mocha warm mocha, red mocha, violet mocha. You can go for any type of shade you like. And the best part is this hair color out of all hair color trends for women goes with any skin shade.

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  1. Honen/health/bridal-hairstyle-short-y Color Extensions:

We all have seen many female celebrities having this hair color trends for women. Honey color extensions is perfect match if you have a long length hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is curly, pin straight, blonde honey color extensions will suit any type of hair.

Honey Color Extensions – Click to Enlarge

This hair color out of all the hair color trends for women is already ruling the Bollywood. This hair color is flaunted by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Deepika Padukone and many other divas.

  1. Sun Kissed Ombre:

Ombre and Balayage are two different hair color. Many people get confused between these two. Balayage has a painterly finish strokes where Ombre has a blocky finish. They both are contrasting dip dye.


Sun-Kissed Ombre – Click to Enlarge

Ombre happens to be like hair colorist will color your hair from the mid length of the hair and then backcombing it upwards to blend this hair color with your natural base color. It add a glossy shine to your hair.

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  1. Sun kissed Sombre:

The softer version of Ombre is somber, this is of less contrasting shade. This hair color trends for women will give a shade with sunset effect. It requires very low maintenance of all the other hair color trends. It grows seamlessly.

Sun-Kissed Sombre – Click to Enlarge

If you are afraid of dip-dying your hair then this is the first level you can take entry through. This hair color trends for women goes dark from roots and light at the end of the hair length.

  1. Smoky violet hair:

Wanting a rock star hair look? Then this is the perfect match for you. This hair color trends for women goes perfect with rock star look. Long or short wavy hair women, it will go with every hair length.

Smoky Violet Hair – Click to Enlarge

You can do this hair color with color melting method.

If you like experimenting, you can go with this hair color trend out of all hair color trends for women.

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  1. Brunette Base with Crimson Ends:

Brunette gives your hair elegant look. Crimson color gives a realistic look. Both the shades together gives a perfect blend of hair color.

Brunette Base with Crimson Ends – Click to Enlarge

You can either opt for brunette hair color trends for women as a base and crimson at the end of the hair length.

  1. Natural light Blonde:

Natural blondes are in trend from some time. Either it is a light natural blonde or dark natural blonde it suits all skin complexions. Natural blonde hair color is popular on the runways too.

Natural light Blonde – Click to Enlarge

This hair color trends for women is perfect if you want to change your hair color fully.

L’Oréal hair color is used to color this natural blonde hair color trends for women.

Frequently Asked Questions for Hair Color Trends for Women

Q: What hair color should I get?

A: If you are not sure about which hair color trends for women to do on your hair according to your skin type. Then look at your vein under your arm in natural light.

If it is green in color, this indicates you have warm skin tone and if it appears to be blue, this indicates you have cool tone of the skin.

This will help the colorist to choose the right hair color for your skin tone. A great colorist will study the color of your skin, eye and age then will decide which color suits you the best.

Q: How can I color my hair naturally?

A: Coffee, Tea, Beet Root, Carrot juice, Lemon juice, Henna, Walnut Shells, etc. can be used to color your hair naturally. Henna is widely used to color hair naturally.

Q: Is it good to color hair?

A: if you are afraid of coloring your hair you can also opt for semi-permanent hair coloring and demi-permanent hair coloring. Demi –permanent contains very less amounts of peroxides in the hair color in comparison to semi-permanent.

Q: What are the side-effects of hair coloring?

A: Hair color may cause skin discomforts. Hair color may cause skin irritation, burning sensations, and itchiness. It is recommended to have patch test when you are going for hair coloring.

Q: Can hair color make hair fall out?

A: Hair fall and hair weakening is depends upon the quantity of ammonia and peroxides in the dye. Hair breakage leads to the hair fall after permanent dying. Hair fall can be experienced after coloring.

Q: Is it bad to use semi-permanent hair dye?

A: Semi-permanent hair dye last for 4-12 shampoos. It doesn’t contain ammonia, it is not mixed with developer. Semi-permanent hair dye is not damaging as much as permanent hair dye. Temporary hair dye also doesn’t contain bleach, it can’t lighten the natural hair color shade.

Q: Is it better to dye your hair wet or dry?

A: Wash your hair first and then towel dry it. Dry your hair till it is damp and apply hair color according to the instructions. The product will be applied smoother on damp hair rather than on dry hair.

Q: How long do you have to wait to wash your hair after you dye it?

A: At least wait for 72 hours before shampooing your hair after dying it. The hair dye takes at least 3 days to reach to the cuticle and the scalp traps the color molecule. It helps the hair color to stay for longer time.

Q: Can permanent hair dye wash out?

A: Permanent hair color doesn’t get wash off but it gets fade away and the shade gets change. Demi-permanent can stay up to 20 washes, it does contain low amount of peroxides. Semi-permanent can stay up to 12 washes, it doesn’t contain peroxides. Temporary hair color stay not more than 2 washes.

Q: What is the best hair color brand?

A: There are many best hair color brands that can do best with hair color trends for women. Somehow, it depends upon you that which brand suits you. Some of the best hair color brands are:

  1. Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Color.
  2. L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème.
  3. Wella Color Charm Permanent Hair Color.
  4. Natural Instincts by Clairol.
  5. Clairol Nice and easy root touch up.

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