An Untold Story of a girl, searching for ways to treat acne during pregnancy

“Tired of so many pimples and acne on my face, I literally started squeezing each one them. My Teenage was all full of embarrassment and shame that my face looks ugly and not beautiful like other girls. Even in my pregnancy, my face started showing off pimples and acne and I was literally searching for ways to treat acne during pregnancy”.

“This was my story, Lata. Only I know how much I have gone through. Pimples in teenage and then pimples during pregnancy. The best moments of my life were literally messed up”. I was trying my best to pull her out of that situation but she was into it till her pregnancy period was over.


This is something that usually happens to every pregnant woman out there. Especially, the one who already has acne-prone skin has to bear the sensitivity of her face. The skin becomes sensitive day by day.

Pregnancy acne and pimples during pregnancy are common but that does not mean that we will let our skin burn. Obviously, no girl wants to see her skin becoming more sensitive day by day due to pregnancy acne.

But wait… Are you aware of Pregnancy Acne? What they actually are? Do you know? Have a look below to know more about Pregnancy Acne and pimples during pregnancy.

What is Pregnancy Acne and Pregnancy Pimples?

So basically, Acne is a serious skin condition. Teenagers are very much habituated with it. This is because most of the girls and boys have sensitive and oily skin. Greasy secretions start in teenage when Androgens start increasing in their body.


The oil glands or skin’s sebaceous glands produce oil which in turn gives birth to small hair follicles or acne. The opening of oil glands can be small or large. When the openings are small, whiteheads appear on your face which are like whitish bumps.

The large opening is a sign that you are infected with Blackheads. They are usually black fat bumps which do not leave our skin easily. The small and large open pores coincide and tend to swell and have pus in it. This is the result of acne taking place on your face.

You are careless, that is the reason why Pimples during Pregnancy appear

Pregnancy Acne is usually a reason of you being a little careless during pregnancy. However, pimples during pregnancy even appear when you already have acne-prone skin. Many times it has been concluded that pimples are a sign of pregnancy

However, many girls and boys tend to face acne and pimples in their teenage. About 25% of them face it when they are adults. I am a 19-year-old and I still bear many pimples and acne on my face. however, pregnant ladies bear more pimples and acne during pregnancy.


Pregnant ladies usually search ways to treat acne during pregnancy. To our surprise, there are so many ways to treat acne during pregnancy but you should always take care of the fact that those ways are safe. Ways to treat acne during pregnancy must be safe and secure.

If it harms your skin, or you notice any change, immediately stop the treatment then and there. It can also cause birth defects. One of the ways to treat acne during pregnancy is using acne scar removal creams. Girls prefer it to treat acne and pimples during pregnancy.

Know the actual reasons of Pimples during pregnancy or Pregnancy Acne

I would never suggest nor prefer the creams as these acne scar removal creams can make your skin more sensitive especially when they are taken without doctor’s prescription. There are so many reasons why you face acne and pimples during pregnancy.


Some of them are listed below –

  • Bacteria causing pimples and acne during pregnancy

The sole and foremost reason of pimples appearing on face especially during pregnancy is bacteria hampering your skin. Propionibacterium is a bacteria that causes acne and pimples during pregnancy. Pregnancy acne emerges especially because of this bacteria.

This bacteria feeds on the sebum secreted by sebaceous glands of our skin and gives birth to acne and pimples during pregnancy. Oily skin responds more to sebum production which in turn makes the skin sensitive.

When the bacteria gets accumulated over the skin it causes inflammation making our whole skin acne-prone, especially causing hard pimples during pregnancy. Multiple ways to treat acne during pregnancy have failed due to the accumulation of this bacteria.

  • Increase in the hormonal level

Girls usually release hormones called Androgens which when increased causes sebum production. Excess sebum production in a female body causes acne and pimples during pregnancy. Hormones play a very important role in making our skin acne-prone.


I know pregnancy situations are not related to boys, but they also suffer from pimples and acne even after 30’s. Do you know why? There are male sex hormones known as Testosterone. An increase in testosterone in the male body causes more sebum production which in turn cause acne and pimples.

  • Rising Stress level? Welcome pimples and acne during pregnancy

This is a Fact. Whether you are a teenager or a pregnant woman, taking a lot of stress is a reason why pimples appear on our face. I know many pregnant women take stress and tension about their baby.


Even when the baby is still inside, moms worry like hell. This is very common but, only to a certain extent. Increasing stress level can cause so many pimples during pregnancy period. It can even harm your physical as well as mental health.

  • Heredity or Teenage pimples. Both are the reasons for acne during pregnancy

Did your mom have pimples? Then, dear you will also experience it. Heredity is something which matters a lot when we are a teenager. If parents bear oily and acne-prone skin then it is likely to see the child with acne and pimples in their teenage.


Bearing pimples in teenage is the reason why we suffer from pimples and acne during pregnancy. It is a bitter truth. In our teenage, we tend to experience a lot of pimples and acne. They usually leave our skin. But pimples during pregnancy are stiff and do not leave easily.

Several Ways to treat Acne during pregnancy… But do they work?

There are more than hundreds of ways to treat acne during pregnancy, but all of them are not effective. Let us talk about ways to treat acne during pregnancy and to what extent they work.

  • Retinoids, Benzoyl Peroxide and many more Acne Scar Removal Creams

There are so many creams. Actually not creams but acne scar removal creams. But do they work as effectively as they claim to be? Well! I don’t think so. There are multiple acne scar removal creams but they do not work for everyone.

Maybe some creams don’t suit you but, maybe sometimes the cream is not as effective as it should be. Some acne scar removal creams are made of hard chemicals which can harm your skin. Acne during pregnancy is common. So, are the scars. But treat them wisely.


Acne scar removal creams can sometimes damage your skin. However, there are many more creams for acne treatment that work pretty well. They are basically for curing acne during pregnancy but can be used as acne scar removal creams as well.

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  • One of the ways to treat acne during pregnancy is Laser Treatment for Acne scars and acne

Yes, sometimes it works. But, do you know the major side effects of laser treatment for acne scars? Laser treatment for acne scars is not as simple and possible as it seems to be. Due to laser treatment, our skin can get burnt.


Sensitive skin types are not at all ready for laser treatment for acne scars. Well! In the beginning what happens is, the acne scars fade away due to first time application of laser treatment for acne scars. But as the process goes on further, it starts making your skin hell.

Your skin may become sensitive. Inflammation can increase to a great extent. Especially, to treat pimples during pregnancy or even the pregnancy acne, laser treatment for acne scars is not at all preferred.

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  • Confused amongst so many ways to treat acne during Pregnancy? Natural Acne Treatment is the Best

Obviously, one can get confused by observing so many ways to treat acne during pregnancy. But ladies, don’t worry. Apart from all the ways to treat acne during pregnancy, we have Natural acne treatment. It is considered as one of the best acne treatment for pregnancy.

Other acne treatments may harm your skin. Sometimes they even make your skin more sensitive and acne-prone. But, Natural Acne Treatment is something which will never ever make your skin dull. It will never have side effects on your skin.

Natural Acne Treatment includes home remedies for acne and pimples as well. The word “Natural” itself signifies that the treatment will be herbal and consistent. Natural Acne Treatment is best for your skin.

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Amongst the ways to treat Acne during Pregnancy, Natural Acne Treatment is considered most effective

So, these were some of the ways to treat acne during pregnancy, Pregnancy acne and pimples during pregnancy can make our skin look oily. It can also change the skin type that we pursue.

For instance, If I have super dry skin which at times becomes flaky as well gets pimples during pregnancy period. Then, my skin type can change from what it was earlier. My super dry skin may turn into oily and sensitive skin. This is not a miracle but truth.


Apart from so many ways to treat acne during pregnancy, we must focus on the one which is without any side effects. Now, you may be thinking which method can treat us well without major side effects? Well! Your thinking is my concern.

Home remedies and Tips and tricks for pregnancy acne is one of the ways to treat acne during pregnancy safely. These are 100% efficacious and do not leave any side effect on our face or skin. So, let’s have a look at them in detail.

Home Remedies are one of the perfect ways to treat Acne during Pregnancy

  • Cleansing your face is Must

It really doesn’t matter whether you have an oily skin or dry skin. Cleansing is very important to clean your skin. It removes all the excess dirt and oil from our skin. Also helps in making our skin glow and brightens it.

Cleansing is required two times a day. I prefer and suggest every pregnant woman out there to cleanse her face in the morning and before bedtime. In the morning, everything that revitalizes in the night comes off with perfect cleansing. Cleansing before bedtime peels off all the dirt and oil stuck on our face since morning.

What do you need for Perfect Cleansing and removing Pregnancy Acne?

For perfect cleansing of our face, we have so many methods. Firstly, you can use fruit pulp for cleaning your face. Yes, fruit pulp my dear friends. Haven’t tried yet? Then do it. It is worth it. You will see instant results after using fruit pulp for cleaning your face.


Papaya pulp is very effective for cleansing and to treat acne during pregnancy. There are other fruits as well which can be used. Kiwi is one such fruit.


A second option that I suggest all pregnant women to use is a very mild cleansing milk for cleaning your face. Cleansing milk helps a lot. But, only when it is without any chemicals. Alternatively, you can use raw milk as a cleansing lotion.

  • Face Masks are considered as one of the best ways to treat acne during pregnancy

Dear pregnant women, I know it becomes difficult for you to go to a parlor and pamper your skin. And you should always avoid going to a parlor during pregnancy period. It is because those facial creams and bleach contain harsh chemicals which can ultimately harm your skin.

By the way who said you have to go to the parlor to pamper your skin? Pampering can be done at home as well. You can have your own face masks ready at home. They are natural and effective. Facial can also be done at home without any harsh chemicals on your face.

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How to prepare Effectual Face Mask to treat pimples during pregnancy?

For face mask, we have tons of ingredients. Basically stuffs which we can find in our home, especially Kitchen. Having said that, let us prepare our first face mask.

Take 1 spoon of Chickpea Flour (Besan) and add few drops of rose water to it. Add one-fourth spoon of turmeric into it. For making the mask of a good consistency add a little milk according to your requirement. This is one of the most effective ways to treat acne during pregnancy.


Alternatively, you can use Fuller’s earth and add few drops of rose water into it. Adding 2-3 drops of lemon juice and little milk will help to fade the acne scars and milk will moisturize your skin. From the word moisturize, I remember that for an oily skin you must use the best moisturizer.

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  • Don’t Scrub but Gently Exfoliate

Are you searching for ways to treat acne during pregnancy? Well! Exfoliation is one such way. You should not scrub or use scrubs on your face. But, Exfoliation is one of the best Acne Treatment for Pregnancy. It works quite well for people with oily skin.

Exfoliation helps in removing the dead cells of our skin. A gentle exfoliation is good for our skin. Exfoliation is one of the excellent ways to treat acne during pregnancy. After the dead skin is removed, pimples during pregnancy stop appearing on our face.

Searching for an exfoliation mask? Have a Look at This…

Talking about exfoliation, we have many ingredients that are available at home and work pretty well. It seems like they are made for exfoliation only. So, let us observe our best exfoliating mask.


Take some oats in a bowl. Oats are to be taken for gentle exfoliation. So, don’t take too many of them. Now, put at least one spoon full of rose water. The consistency must not be thin. It should be thick.

Now take some oats and rub on your cheeks. Remember Gentle Exfoliation. It should be very easy and normal on our skin. Do not rub the paste against your skin. It can infect the bacteria causing acne during pregnancy.

There are many face exfoliators/scrubs available for exfoliation of our face. The scrubs are mild and hence treated as exfoliators. Pimples during pregnancy must be treated with precautions. You must always select the best face scrub/exfoliator for your skin.

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Helpful Tips and Tricks are the best ways to treat Acne during Pregnancy

So, that was all about some home remedies to treat pimples during pregnancy. Amongst all the ways to treat acne during pregnancy, I prefer every pregnant woman out there to always go for home remedies.

Having said that let me give you some tips and tricks to deal with Pregnancy pimples and acne. Tips and tricks are also one of the ways to treat acne during pregnancy. They turn to be one of the best acne treatments for pregnant ladies.

  • Moisturization and Hydration are a Must.

For an oily skin, you can moisturize it once. But, a dry skin needs to be moisturized at least two times a day. You can even use hydrating serums to hydrate your skin so that it can breathe.


Moreover, for oily skin use Aloe vera gel to moisturize and hydrate. Dry skin can be hydrated with milk cream. Many people use it as a moisturizer and it reflects instant results.

  • Select the best Face Wash or else Don’t.


A face wash is a must for removing the dirt from your face. For that purpose select the best and effective face wash and especially according to your skin type. Pimples during pregnancy can affect you anytime. So, Be aware.

  • Avoid Oily and Junk food during Pregnancy period

Consuming oily food especially during pregnancy can make your skin sensitive. Avoiding junk food is also one of the ways to treat acne during pregnancy. You must go on with a good diet during pregnancy. Follow doctor’s advice and prepare your own pregnancy chart.


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  • Use Oil-free Makeup Products

Acne during pregnancy can appear due to excess makeup on your face. Also, you must always wash off your makeup before going to bed. Sleeping with makeup on gives birth to pregnancy pimples and acne.


Well! Try your best to not use makeup. In Pregnancy, it can affect your skin in a manner you can never even imagine. If you are using makeup, then make it natural and light. Also, use only oil-free products.

Questions people usually ask regarding the ways to treat Acne during Pregnancy

Q: Can Acne clear up during Pregnancy?

A: Yes. Of Course, It will clear up. Acne during pregnancy is a general thing. It appears when you are carrying the little one in your womb. However, it is not guaranteed that acne will leave your skin during pregnancy period. Sometimes it may leave before the entry of baby in this world. Sometimes, it may delay and leave your skin after the baby comes out. depends mostly on your skin type and how you deal with it.

Q: Why do I have so much of Acne during pregnancy?

A: Acne during pregnancy can pile up when your skin is extra sensitive and oily at the same time. Already acne-prone skin is found to have more pimples than the one which is dry. Pimples during pregnancy are pretty normal. This is because many changes take place in a female body during pregnancy. Pregnancy pimples and acne are one of those changes.

Q: Is it safe to use Benzoyl Peroxide during Pregnancy?

A: Safe… No, I don’t think so. After all Benzoyl Peroxide is a chemical. And using chemicals on the face during pregnancy is not safe according to my point of view. I prefer not to use any medicine made of it, nor any cream. Some may be harsh and can lead to itchiness and redness on your face. Better try to avoid using such creams.

Q: How long does Pregnancy acne and pimples during pregnancy last?

A: Well! talking about pimples during pregnancy and pregnancy acne. There is no specified time period as for how much time they will last. But, yes they will leave your skin ultimately after your baby comes out. This happens in most of the cases. Sometimes it may leave your skin earlier. However, if your skin is already acne-prone it may stay on your face for a long time.

Q: Is Acne medication one of the safe ways to treat acne during pregnancy?

A: Not at all. If you think that acne medication is one of the safe ways to treat acne during pregnancy, then you are wrong my dear. It is not at all safe. Acne medications can have side effects on your body in any form. There are so many other ways to treat acne during pregnancy. Prefer those rather than acne medications.

Q: Is it safe to use Salicylic Acid to treat pimples and acne during pregnancy?

A: My personal opinion says No. Salicylic Acid is also an acid and can harm your skin especially during pregnancy. Trying it can be sometimes dangerous for your skin. It is not one of the says ways to treat acne during pregnancy and get rid of those hard pimples.

Q: Are Pimples normal during pregnancy?

A: Very Normal I believe. I have observed many pregnant women who bear pimples on their face especially during their pregnancy period. However, it is shocking to know that they never had any pimples or acne scars in their 20’s. But, pimples during pregnancy appeared on their face., This proves that Pimples during pregnancy are normal. Even acne scars, blackheads, and whiteheads are normal too.

Q: Why do our skin become sensitive and acne-prone especially during pregnancy?

A: During pregnancy period there are so many changes that take place in our bodies. many external and internal changes take place. Some might affect your other body parts like back causing Back acne in pregnancy. Some changes lead to hard pimples during pregnancy. So, it is general to face Pregnancy acne and pimples.

Q: If we use other treatments or ways to treat acne during pregnancy, Do they work?

A: Maybe. It may work for you and may not work for your bestie. Do you know why? Because skin types are different. There are several ways to treat acne during pregnancy but they all differ for each and every pregnant women. Everybody has different skin types. Therefore, various ways to treat acne during pregnancy react in a different manner for every skin type.

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